Should I Stay or Should I Go?

by | Dec 11, 2022 | Event

Thanks again to our fantastic speakers Delphine Renard, Christelle Andre, Hervé Baron and Patrick Kervern, thanks for the energy of the participants in our afterwork “Should I stay or should I go” on Thursday, November 24th.

The moments that bring us together, the very diverse experiences that are so meaningful for all of us, made this meeting possible and made us want to create even more interactions, listening and moments of freedom in our organisations.

Three ingredients that seem to us to provide an informed answer to the question “Should I stay or should I go?” :

1- Departures: good news.

Each departure gives the departing company the opportunity to reflect, to listen, to change and to adapt. Delphine Renard specified, among other things, that a “neutral” person proposes the initial interviews, which allows greater freedom of expression.

And when employees leave, they also arrive elsewhere and it is important to us that this elsewhere is here 😉 Let’s work again and again on our attractiveness.

2- Training, growing, accompanying

On this subject Richard Branson says: “Train your employees very well, so they can leave and treat them as well as possible so they will stay.”

As Hervé Baron pointed out, by providing continuous training in all areas, our employees enrich themselves and feed their curiosity while bringing a fresh perspective to the company.

3- The fish rots from the head (Erasmus)

Managers have a central role; seeing them take pleasure in their missions, being attentive and curious sets an example. The meaning that they know how to transmit around the missions they entrust to the teams frees up belonging, Christelle Andre expresses it to us by speaking about the teams of Première Urgence Internationale, where meaning allows the surpassing of oneself.

“A manager who is a fan of his teams”, as Patrick Kervern suggests, is the one to whom we talk and with whom we build solutions that respect the ecology of each person.

Thanks again to everyone for this afterwork and have a great week, end of the year and beyond where our answer to the Clash question will be dictated by this choice: feeling alive.

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