Let’s take a train station, an airport, a school, a library, a hospital, a church… it is a place of passage or transition polarized by a promise between departure and arrival towards a chosen destination, towards new knowledge, towards recovered health, towards salvation…

Excerpt – Michel SERRES

GOOD COACHING is a place of passage, our promise is to take you to a destination that you will choose but that may be unknown to you when we meet.

Beyond our support in your professional and personal development, GOOD COACHING also wants to be a link, a connection between worlds that are looking for each other without finding each other or even ignoring each other. The economic on one side, the living on the other, those moving quickly in the direction of the greatest number and those, less rapid, which do not always go in the agreed direction. It means building bridges between what brings economic profitability and what brings added value to the world.

Transforming women, men, organizations to be better, bringing together the associative world, organized in the disorder of the world, and the economic world wanting to give order to the world… It is up to you, to us to decide, to know if having becomes being, if being really resembles us and if it wishes to bring its contribution to all beings.